Atlantic Boys’ Swim Team Strikes Again


Jaxson Eden and Ben Renaud

The Atlantic boys’ swim team was victorious last night in Newton. The boy’s won nine out of the eleven events. They beat both Grinnell and Newton. The Trojans beat Grinnell 64-30 and Newton 55-39.

The Trojans were favored in this meet and were coasting to victories saving themselves for a big meet on Saturday. Coach Dean Junker said “We knew we had the people to take first place.” The Trojans only had 10 of their 11 swimmers.

Assistant coach Jennifer Miller said “the other team had twice as many swimmers.” Miller also said “it is quality over quantity” the other team had three to four swimmers in each event but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get first.

The Trojans travel to Lewis Central Invitational on Saturday.