What Do Teachers Want for Christmas?


GET COMFY - English teacher Emma Walker is grading a radio broadcast made by her students. The students were in a second period speech class. The project was to create a radio broadcast or improve something with another student.

Gabby Jordahl

It’s that time of the year again, and everyone is wondering what to buy their loved ones for Christmas. While teachers are often overlooked during the holiday, some people show their appreciation for teachers by getting them gifts. However, a common problem with this is figuring out what they might like.

While the typical gift is something for the classroom, many teachers are welcome to gift cards and seasonal treats. Senior Lexi Freund said she would get a teacher homemade christmas candy, and something little and cute for the classroom.

Many teachers here at AHS had different ideas of Christmas presents as well. Math teacher Sheila Hayden said she wanted world peace while History teacher Trace Petersen said, “I want my immediate family to all be together and all of my extended family to get together as well.” However, from their students they wanted something a little different. Hayden said she wanted “a promise that [her students] will do their homework every single night for the rest of the year, and like it.” English teacher Emma Walker went more towards the sentimental side and said, “anything that shows me that I’ve impacted [my students] life, or made them smile.”

Student had their own ideas of what to get teachers. Senior Emily Hohenberger said she thinks teachers like Christmas treats. But apparently, it depends on the teacher what to get. Hohenberger said, “If I were to get [ Petersen] a gift, I’d probably buy him a fake smart phone.”

If you don’t think teachers remember what you get them, think again. English teacher Emma Walker said, “Last year I got gifts from Hanna King who got me a coffee cup because she knows how much I love coffee, and Kylie Proehl and Sidney Svoboda got me treats for my dog.”  Hayden said she doesn’t remember the gift but “the student was one that didn’t do anything in class and still got me a present.” Hayden found this pretty comical.

So during this time of year, don’t forget to thank a teacher. They really appreciate your gesture. For more information about what your teachers might want, click here or here.

No matter how much you want to spend, keep in mind it can’t be no more than $3.