Atlantic Hosts Triangular Tuesday Night


Dillon Sonntag

On Tuesday the girls’ varsity volleyball team hosted a triangular with visiting teams Red Oak and Shenandoah. The Trojans lost their first match to the Mustangs losing in the fourth set 23-25. The first set the Trojans fell short with a score of 14-25 after being close the whole set. But, by the end of the match the Trojans had seemed to have bit more spark and were 2 points away from forcing a fifth set.

Senior Catherine Leonard had 12 kills while fellow teammate Junior Riley Seufert was second on the team with 9 kills. Overall, the team had 31 kills against the Mustangs. Senior Megan Behrends led the team in assists with 25. Sophomore Jacey Eyanson led the team in digs with 10, the team had 35 digs overall.

The next game is Thursday,October 13 against CAM in Anita.