Freshmen Fall to Glenwood, Prevail Against Kuemper

After tough loss Dec. 17, Trojan freshmen take control Dec. 22


Dillon Sonntag

On Thursday, Dec. 17, the freshman boys’ basketball team took on the Glenwood Rams. Up until that night, the freshman team was undefeated. The final score of the game was 27-58.

Shooting guard Chase Mullinex said, “We kept a good composure and attitude when things weren’t going good.”

Point guard Matt Gearheart said, “It was a rough night. Nothing was going good for us, but that isn’t going to stop us.”

Freshman head coach Brandon Krause said, “Our man-to-man defense was decent at times, but we really struggled with our communication in the second half and struggled guarding the post players. We didn’t shoot the ball particularly well against Glenwood.”

Gearheart said, “This isn’t going to knock us down. We are going to work as hard as we can to prepare for the next time we play Glenwood.”

Mullinex said, “We need less turnovers, and I hope shots fall in next time around”

Krause said, “I feel the players’ effort during the game was really good, but we had too many mental breakdowns for us to be successful that night.”

Center Logan Reilly said, “We aren’t going to let that loss bring us down, and we’re looking to get better and improve as a team over Christmas break”

“I know the kids will bounce back from this loss and look to improve on the mental mistakes and improve our defensive and offensive skill breakdowns,” Krause said.

On Tuesday, Dec. 22, the freshmen moved on from their Glenwood loss to put up another W against Kuemper.

“This team has lots of talented basketball players and really good kids that really bounced back against Kuemper Tuesday night,” said Krause.

Mullenix dropped 30 points out of the team’s 42 total points against Glenwood on Dec. 17. Mullinex also had 41 out of 72 total points against Kuemper on Dec. 22.

The freshman record now stands at 5-1.