New Year, New Rumors


Skye Thompson, Editor

The first day of school started out with many new students and lots of new changes to the 2015-16 school year. This year school started later than it had the previous years, therefore the first home football game will be held this Friday against the Clarinda Cardinals. Chatter flowed through the halls that the pep rally that was to be held Friday, before the game, has been cancelled. Another rumor was that there would not be any dress themes to the games this year. This has been causing a lot of controversy throughout the student body.

According to the Athletic Director Matt Alexander, there was never a scheduled pep rally for Friday. He also mentioned that the pep rallies dates are decided by the cheerleaders.

Last year AHS fuel was a program that helped the student body get pumped up before home games and plan dress up days as well. This year’s new AHS fuel adviser, Dan Vargason, said, “We are going to be selling Trojan Mob T-shirts, organize dress up games but also involve the community more. We will also be doing half time game activities, and in addition selling tattoos and doing face painting at the home games.”

Logan Nelson said that he would like to see Hawaiian night, and an alien space theme. “…I love pep rallies, it brings the school energy up a lot,” said Nelson.

Catherine Leonard loves themes and says, “We should have themes, it gets more people involved and it makes people interested.”

Students can still organize their own theme nights, such as Hawaii or Patriotic, but AHS Fuel will focus on a few major dress events, which will likely focus on black-out or black-and-gold.

It was misunderstood that there would not be allowed any more themes. “Those rumors are just rumors.  Nothing against themes.  Any themes decided are not going to be decided by AHS Fuel.  Those themes are going to be decided by the student body.  AHS Fuel wants to do the black and gold type of thing for others to know to join in with the student body,” said Alexander.