Top Ten X-mas Wishes

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"Bee a Reader" --and have a snuggly time doing it! Buzzy Bumble Bee Pillow Pet

By Zoe Krueger

  1. XBOX Kinect- A great new way to experience XBOX.
  2. Call Of Duty-BLACK OPS- Battle in the war that never happened.
  3. 4th generation iPod Touch- Upgrade to the new Apple.
  4. DROID- These phones are getting a lot of attention.
  5. The Kindle- Carry hundreds of books with you anywhere.
  6. Pillow Pets- Cuddle up with your favorite animal that’s also a comfy pillow.
  7. Fuzzy Socks- A good stocking stuffer that will keep your feet warm.
  8. CUP-ONK- A challenging new game you and your friends will enjoy.
  9. Eclipse- Bella, Edward, and Jacob…just what the vampire fans want.
  10. Troops- What more could a family want than their beloved solider on their doorstep for the holidays?

What are you wishing for from St. Nick? Leave a comment!

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