Positive Behavior Rewarded

Positive Behavior Rewarded

by Heather Harris

Good behavior is rewarded in teacher Bev Schelling’s Level 2-3 Special Education classes; students are following point systems to earn rewards for their positive behavior.

The purpose of this program is to reinforce the importance of following the behavior guidelines in the classroom. Each day the behavior of the students will be charted. The maximum number of points that can be earned in one class period is 15.

According to Schelling, “We used to be on a different behavior system but didn’t use it often, but because of challenging behaviors they are using a reward system. It’s one way to motivate the students and helping them put their best foot forward.”

Sophomore JD Watson says, “ I get points if I behave or pay attention. We get prizes on Fridays, and I have won a t-shirt, pop, and movie day.”

The rating week begins on a Friday and ends the following Thursday. Some of the rewards students can win include pulling a prize from a bucket, watching a movie, eating popcorn (for all students), and drinking beverages. To earn a reward the students must have 90% of their total points each week.

The teachers are looking forward to positively reinforcing students on their good behavior each week.