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New Photo Booth Featured at Winter Formal

DJ Chaos brings a creative element to the annual FFA dance.

SAY CHEESE - A lot of people have gone to weddings and dances to use the photo booth. In these, you will be able to make memories and have fun. Jesse Swanson has had this become part of his career and has brought photo booths to dances and proms. He wants people to enjoy all the little moments as much as possible.

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If you are going to Winter Formal and want pictures, fear not! DJ Chaos, Jesse Swanson, is going to bring a photo booth to the dance. Swanson has been a DJ for 16 years. His inspiration for the photo booth was seeing them at weddings he attended. “I thought it would be good for my business,” Swanson said.

The photo booth is interactive and is a touchscreen. He can design the photo booth to each event. “For example, [for] the school dance we can put the Trojan logo on there and it would say touch the Trojan head to start,” Swanson said.

Swanson has added new video transitions and a helper that talks you through the process. “It makes some funny quotes during the process and at the end it tells you to leave the booth,” Swanson said. The pictures can be printed or sent to your phone.

The Atlantic High School pays for the booth and the students that will be using it will have no charge. The students can go in the booth as many times as they want. “It is very expensive equipment so be very respectful to it,” Swanson said. He has a helper, Mallory Kirchoff, that works at the school and she will be running the photo booth and handling the students.

Swanson has had the photo booth at Griswold High School for prom and other dances. Swanson hopes that this will become more popular and be a success. “Go in, have fun, and take home some memories,” Swanson said.

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New Photo Booth Featured at Winter Formal