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Trisha Niceswanger

HOLA-Trisha Niceswanger teaches Spanish at AHS.

Paige Carrier

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There are two Spanish teachers In Atlantic High school, Dan Vargason and Trisha Niceswanger. Both will take part in the school’s Costa Rica trip in June of 2018. Students will experience the Costa Rican cultural and go on many adventurous such as hiking to the top of a volcano, swimming in the ocean, zip-lining through a forest, and many other activities that will teach students about the world outside of Atlantic.

Trisha Niceswanger is one of the adults that will be with the students on the trip. She has been teaching at Atlantic High school for three years and can see a future in staying here. Niceswanger always wanted to learn Spanish, ever since she had an exchange student stay at her home when she was young. She wanted to be able to communicate with the exchange student in Spanish, since that is what the student spoke.

 She started learning a little bit of Spanish in elementary school but got more involved in middle school. Niceswanger said she wasn’t fluent in Spanish until she was in college, where she also went to Spain. Niceswanger says Spanish is a good language to have in schools because it is the second growing language.

Offering another language at AHS would require having a lot of students interested.

 Niceswanger believes it is a great idea to take up Spanish or any other language in school. She said it is a great way to meet people and it also looks good on resumes and college applications.  “It opens up your world to different places and different cultures. You’ll never regret learning Spanish. Someone always remembers something from Spanish,” said Niceswanger.

Sophomore Erchina Mark is one of Niceswanger’s students.  “I am honestly ready for semester finals in that class,” said Mark. She said Niceswanger is good at going over things with the class.

Being a teacher might seem like hard work for some but not Niceswanger. “I really like the kids; they make it really fun. Work doesn’t feel like work with the kids and the other staff members,” said Niceswanger.

Hannah Maley said, “I really like Ms. Niceswanger. Not just because nice is in her name, but I understand a lot of what she teaches us. She’s really helpful and has always helped me out when I need it.”


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“Nice” to Meet You