Students’ efforts add up to success

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by Kourtnie Beschorner

Two students have impressed math teacher Nick Hackman with their improvement and work ethic this fall.

Senior Jacob Salmans has raised his grade to an A since the beginning of the semester, and sophomore Jangaleen Kovac has produced “pretty solid work the whole year,” said Hackman.

Jacob Salmans is in Algebra Geometry Concepts. When asked how he improved his grade, Salmons said,  “I got my life together and started trying harder.”

Salmans said he maintains his grade in a basic way. “I just do my homework and do extra to get more points.”

“I like (Mr. Hackman) as a teacher,”  Salmans said.

Jangaleen Kovac is in Geometry. When asked how she maintains her grade she said, “Just pay attention and do what I’m suppose to do.”

Kovac said she does the board problems right when class starts.

Hackman talked briefly about different course selection for next year. “They are going to do away with advanced math and modern geometry 2 starting next year,” he said.

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