Keeping math students awake

Students in Ryan Coenen's classes use team work to solve problems.

by Cassandra Long

Keeping the attention of students can be a hard task for teachers. For math teachers, keeping students interested is important.  Some students do not enjoy math, which causes them not to pay attention.

One statement that math teachers hear is, “When will I ever use this again?” The typical response to this question is that everything can be interpreted into a math problem.  Math teacher Ryan Coenen hears this question many times a year.  He tries to use different activities to keep his math class interesting.  Many teachers agree that movement will help keep students awake and interested in a subject.  By   changing activities every 10 to 12 minutes, Coenen says, he helps keep students working and interested.

When asked what kind of things keeps her interested in geometry, Kassidy Edwards said, “We never stay on one problem forever.”  Many students agree that activities and different problems can make a class fun and keep them alert