Take note: update on Tony Wiley’s classes

Teacher Tony Wiley

By Alex Rutledge

Good news from the history department. Teacher Tony Wiley says that kids are doing better in his classes at this stage than last year.

Wiley’s classes aren’t like most classes in AHS.  Wiley lectures during class time while students take notes.   Students have different note-taking strategies.  Some students write only the information given on the slideshow, although Wiley gives a lot of additional notes through lecturing.  Writing down the additional information may be helpful. Wiley recommends students study notes ten minutes every day.  Studying notes daily may help with quiz and test grades.

Senior Brett Dennis warns students about the difficulty of Wiley’s classes. “It can be hard if you don’t pay attention or don’t study your notes,” said Dennis.

Dennis says he reviews his notes every night to keep a good grade.

Senior Heather Harris says government class isn’t as hard as she thought it would be. “It is easier than what past AHS students had told me it would be,” she said.