Conspiracy Theories Haunt AHS

Urban legends swirl around Atlantic High School’s past.

This is the original Atlantic High School. After the school closed, it became home to the Cappadelle Apartments. It burnt down in 1955 and became known as the greatest fire in Atlantic, Iowa’s history.

Around Atlantic

This is the original Atlantic High School. After the school closed, it became home to the Cappadelle Apartments. It burnt down in 1955 and became known as the greatest fire in Atlantic, Iowa’s history.

Disclaimer: None of the events discussed in this article have been proven true–nor have they been proven false. These are just rumors, well, mostly. The sources of this story will remain anonymous for their own safety. Content may be graphic (like all good conspiracy theories).

The town of Atlantic, Iowa, has housed over a dozen school buildings since its founding in 1868. Each of those buildings, including those still in use today, holds various memories, legacies, and even secrets. They also carry untold urban legends and conspiracy theories which are some of the most intriguing mysteries out there, and they even exist in this very building. Many discoveries have discussed the eerie phenomenons that go down in the town of Atlantic, Iowa, especially in the schools. From ghost stories to silly tales to a fatal senior prank. 

This is Grant School. This building was built in 1891 and construction cost was only $8,000. Cedar Park is now in the location where this school once stood. (Around Atlantic)

An anonymous source said, “I think that there are ghosts in the school because one night I was here for play practice and most of the lights were off… I was going to the washer to wash a dress. I kept hearing noises when there was clearly no one there.” That same anonymous source also believes that the Serpent of Slytherin from Harry Potter lives in the 600 hallway bathroom because of the strange noises that come from the sink. 

This is the current Atlantic High School building. It just celebrated its 25th year of being open. (Around Atlantic)





Two more nameless informants had a conspiracy theory they created while they were in middle school. The legend claims “the teachers at the middle school, or the whole school district, turn the naughty students into the school lunch food. This explains where the food came from and where students go when they mysteriously disappear.” This evidence explains where the unruly children go, who were never heard from again, and where the mystery cafeteria meat comes from. “I honestly don’t remember how it started. I think it was because someone moved or something, and we were theorizing as to why they disappeared,” they said.

This is a picture of the current Atlantic Middle School. This was the Atlantic High School building up until the year 1996 when the current high school building went into use. (Around Atlantic)

An unnamed senior and most of the class of 2021 know of the unforgettable urban legend involving a former AHS teacher. The legend states, “If you look into a mirror in a dark room and say [teacher’s name] three times, the old Government teacher will appear and swing a 2×4 at your head.” Do not try this at home.

But the legends only get darker. Another unnamed reference said that they heard an unreliable rumor that the Jackson school building in Atlantic got shut down because of too many fatal close calls. This is just a rumor and doesn’t have much evidence to support this claim.

Eastside School used to sit at 703 Linn Street in Atlantic, Iowa. This building was torn down to build Lincoln Elementary and is now the location of the Wickman Center. (Around Atlantic)

The next scheme is an urban legend that many upperclassmen in this school may remember. A recent senior prank went very wrong, which led to an alleged death of a cow. This prank consisted of putting the cow on the roof, and there was no harm until the cow fell off. Allegedly, the students involved tried to cover it up the best they could, but the secret still made its way out. Now the story breathes quietly throughout the halls of AHS.

Those were all of the known, talked-about stories of our beloved school. Stay safe Trojans and remember, trust no one.