Possible New Opportunities for AHS Students

Students recently filled out a survey for the School to Work Committee to better understand the needs of the school.


Decisions, decisions. What to wear? What to have for lunch? What to do for the rest of my life? When even minute-to-minute decisions crowd our minds, how can we think ahead to lifelong choices of college and careers? The ACSD School-to-Work committee wants to help students navigate the uncertain path of finding meaningful work as adults.

Students at Atlantic High School were asked to complete a survey regarding their career interests, as well as job opportunities in Atlantic. Results of the questionnaire will help shape the ACSD School-to-Work committee’s next steps in guiding students on career paths.

Respondents may have noticed that many of the questions on the survey had some sort of correlation with the workforce, job opportunities and part-time job interest. This is because the creators of the questionnaire were tasked with helping students broaden their work experience and prepare them for their future. The answers received from the survey will determine what sort of programs will be offered at the high school, ranging from job shadowing and mock interviews to guest speakers during AO. The goal of these programs is to raise awareness of workforce opportunities provided in the community.

One of the programs that is being considered by the School To Work committee is the option for AHS to facilitate job shadowing experiences. This would allow students to shadow a business in Atlantic that holds their interest and to better grasp the actuality of the job. This would be a different program than the Multiple Occupations program already offered at the school. Shadowing would not be an actual job; therefore it would not count as class credit. AHS students interested in obtaining a job that will be counted towards class credit should contact Rhoda Hawkins, the Multiple Occupations teacher.

The survey results concluded that:

  • Fifty percent of students indicated interest in part-time employment.
  • Of the 174 students without a part-time job, 67% want one.
  • Job-shadowing is of interest to 44% of students.
  • Ninety-four students indicated an interest in learning about careers during A/O.
  • 320 students participated in the survey.

Students who have not yet completed this survey may do so by clicking on this link: