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Freshmen Adapt to a New School

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Freshmen Genevieve Martinez, Lane Muell, and Keagen Garcia enjoy using their new laptops for schoolwork in Mr. Bales class.

According to many teachers in AHS, the freshman class is adapting very well. Assistant principal Matt Alexander said every class has a time where they have to get used to additional freedom and that some classes take longer than others.

American history teacher Trace Peterson said, “I think they’re doing a very good job in adapting.” He also said, “The biggest difference (in this class compared to previous freshman classes) is that there are a lot of them this year. Everywhere you look there are freshman,” but he doesn’t see a dramatic personality change in this year’s freshmen.

Spanish teacher Trisha Nicewanger said, “I think it took them a little while to get used to the homework load and how classes work but now they have settled into routine. They know the different teachers’ routines more and are used to things like Google Classroom.”

Many freshmen said that high school is easier than they expected, also that it is very fun. Grant Sturm said in high school there is  “more homework, quizzes and tests.” He also said the teachers in high school are more “relaxed.” Along with other freshmen, Jenna Pelzer likes being with the upperclassmen.

Sydney Sanny said, “I was super nervous coming into high school but there was a lot of people to help me.” Sanny also said, “High school teachers are more focused on individual students. In middle school it was more towards the class.” Sanny also said that she gets more involved in her work than in middle school.

Jenna Pelzer and Bethany Anderson said they enjoy being with the upperclassmen. Anderson said she likes high school because it makes her feel “older.” She said that the staff and students are nice, and there are more opportunities.

Haley Rasmussen said she enjoys the sports in high school the most because they are more competitive. She also said she didn’t expect that you can be on your phones so much.

Freshman Troy Roach said, “Teachers are a lot different than imagined. They expect you to do whats right.” Noah Vandevanter likes how there are more class choices to choose from. Roach said, “There is a lot more ways to find your own path. You can choose your own classes and find what you’re interested in.”

Rivea Keen said, “There is a lot more responsibilities in high school. You learn how to figure out time management.”

Reagan Watson said, “The teachers are a lot more lenient. Your tests are not worth as much of your grade as in middle school.”

Colin Mullinex along with Tanner Glines said people in high school actually “try.” Cody Knoell said there’s “more work but it’s to be expected. The teachers in high school seem to be nicer and interact more.”

Kaden Mahan said, “High school is easier because the teachers walk you through class more than middle school teachers.”

Nate Mclean didn’t expect how much the high school uses computers.

According to many freshmen and teachers, the class of 2021 is adapting to high school and enjoy many features of the school. The freshmen enjoy the teachers and upperclassmen. Freshman Cody Knoell enjoys how the high school has no stairs because it is “easier on legs.”

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About the Writer
Emma Templeton, Editor

Emma Templeton joined journalism as a sophomore, because “my brother Logan took it so I decided to take it.” So far she has liked journalism and how they have done Eye of the Needle and also went to Omaha, NE to visit the KETV Weather Station as part of a journalism trip last school year. Templeton is the photo editor and a video editor for the department. She also does birthday shoutouts for students in the school by tweeting a picture on the AHSneedle account with the student’s name. If Templeton had all the money in the world, she would “buy a polar bear.”

Story by Bodie Johnson and Maycie Waters

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Freshmen Adapt to a New School