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AHS Lunch Line Changes

Lunchroom Changes

By Behka Koontz

As of Monday, Oct. 4, Atlantic High School employed new line barriers in hopes of reducing line cutting.  The line barriers are positioned on both sides of the entry doors to the food distribution area.

Administrators decided to use line barriers to combat the cutting and shoving problems that often occur in the lunch line.

Vice principal Josh Rasmussen commented on the conduct of students in the lunch line by saying, “Lately it’s been like hogs running through a feeder.”

Students have mixed feelings about the new enforcers.  Freshman Preston Hoye said, “I think it’s a great idea; it insures no one will cut.”  This seems to be the popular feeling about changes. However, not everyone feels that way.  Senior Cody Mudd said, “That is a fire hazard and I just think it’s dumb.”

The food service employees also have opinions on the lines.  One server said, “It was an improvement as far as the pushing.  [The shoving today] wasn’t bad, but it’s only Monday.”  The women charging accounts said they didn’t see much of a difference.

The line barriers may permanent, whether they are liked or not.  When asked if the dividers would be permanent, Principal Heather McKay said, “We’ll see; I hope not.  I hope the kids can correct themselves.”

The barriers are a new tool to combat the lunch frenzy students experience every day.  They seem to be working.  If everyone cooperates, the barriers will not be a permanent fixture in the lunchroom.

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