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What is Your Dream Car?

Many kids dream of fancy cars, some kids love the cars they have now. What would be your dream car?

Junior Dillon Sonntag poses next to his Pontiac Grand Prix. Sonntag bought the car at the beginning of his junior year. He loved the car as soon as he laid his eyes on it.

Matt Gearheart and Logan Reilly

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Vroom, Vroom

What is your dream car? At Deter Motor Company located in Atlantic, Iowa, the most commonly sold car is the Chevrolet Malibu, according to salesman Chuck Sievers. Malibu’s have many features that buyers are looking for such as back-up camera, heated seats, sunroof, and lane-change alert. For an average high schooler, their goals are much higher than a Malibu; they want their dream cars.

Junior Cooper McDermott has his eye on a Lamborghini. “Lambo,” he said. “They are cool.” Ally Anderson is also a Lambo fan, as is Alyssa Ginther. This was the car most often mentioned as students discussed the cars of their dreams. Not all students were set on an extravagant expensive car, many were content with the cars they have now. Junior Ethan Halterman said, “My 1995 Volvo Station Wagon.” For freshman David May, anything that “works” is his dream car. “1968 Chevy Camaro, I like the look of them,” said sophomore Caleb Spurr. Sophomore Chase Mullenix has always wanted a, “Silver Chrysler Mini Van, because it doesn’t scrape on the ground.” Talk about speed, Junior Gavin Fell-Nichols is looking for speed, “Nissan Skyline GTR, they are really fast!” As freshman Dachon Wesson is looking for more of a casual style, “A hippy van, they are so cool and you can have all your things in there, and not have to buy a house.” said Wesson.

Juniors Sidney Svoboda, Jacey Eyanson, and John McConkey, said they are satisfied with their motor vehicle they currently have. Svoboda drives a 2008 Chevy Impala, and its name is Chester. Eyanson drives a 2015 Nissan Versa Plus, “they get great gas milage.” McConkey drives a 2006 grey Ford 500.

It’s not only the students looking for dream cars. Math teachers Morgan Staashelm and Sheila Hayden have very different ideas when it comes to their dreams cars. Staashelm said her dream car would be a Chevrolet Camaro because of Bumblebee from the film series “Transformers.” Hayden said she would want a hovercraft because it would be very cool.

Para-educator Tina Franken wants a Maserati because they are very fast and look cool. Substitute teacher Tom Nelson said, “A Jaguar Convertible and if that doesn’t work out I would probably want the Batmobile.” Special education teacher Mandi Brauer has her eyes laid on a Buick Enclave because of the captain seats, 3 rows, not huge, and they are very nice.

Study hard, earn your paychecks, and start your engines!

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What is Your Dream Car?