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Beau Dickerson

Beau Dickerson, Staff Writer

Sophomore Beau Dickerson’s main interests outside of school include Fortnite, soccer, and football. In journalism, it’s taking pictures. He explained that his favorite project during intro to journalism was taking pictures in gym class. “I took some good photos,” said Dickerson. Gym is also his favorite class in school. Dickerson has one brother, Brady. His parents are Scott and Janice. Another member of the Dickerson family is their dog Moje. Dickerson plans on graduating and becoming an accountant. Other goals for Beau include going to Hawaii, a location he’s always wanted to visit. “I want to find a Hawaiian girl like Churchy,” said Dickerson. In the meantime, he’s practicing for football and soccer. Dickerson said his favorite high school memory so far is starting his first varsity game in soccer. When he’s not practicing, he can be found eating pizza, his favorite food. Intro to journalism, the class that all students interested in becoming part of journalism was a challenge for Dickerson. He started out taking the class for an “easy credit” but has come to enjoy it and plans to continue to become an editor.

Story by DaJai Wesson

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Beau Dickerson