Winter Formal Re-Try

After being postponed the first go around, the winter formal dance is now set for March 16.


SAY CHEESE – Members of the 2017 Winter Formal court pose after the crowning of the queen. The court consisted of Nicole Eilts, Kirsten Brown, Emily Saeugling, Heather Freund, Chloe Newbury, and Ally Anderson.

The AHS Winter Formal dance will be held Friday, March 16 from 8:30-11 p.m in the commons. Students will be required to wear formal attire to the dance; jeans, sweats, polos, and t-shirts do not qualify. It is suggested for males to wear a dress shirt and tie, dress slacks or a nice sweater. Females can wear a nice skirt or nice slacks with a nice formal shirt or a formal dress.

The date was originally set for Saturday, Feb. 24 as a way to honor the end of National FFA week, but was postponed due to inclement weather.

All organizational decisions for the dance are made by the Atlantic FFA chapter. The chapter voted on dress days for the week in an earlier meeting on Thursday, Feb. 8, and decided that Monday, Feb., 19 was Camouflage Day, Tuesday, Feb., 20 was Dress like Tyler Comes Day, Wednesday, Feb., 21 was Official Dress or FFA Shirt Day, Thursday, Feb., 22 was Dress like a Dad Day and Friday, Feb., 23 was America Day.

Last minute details about the dance were also determined at this meeting. Winter Formal court candidates were voted on and include juniors Taylor Hansen, Baylee Newell, Sadie Welter, Ashley Wendt, Erin Wendt and Katie York.

Tickets for the dance cost $5 and were sold by FFA members during the week of Feb. 19 at the front doors in the morning as well as lunch. They will also be on sale at the dance itself. Re-entrance after leaving will not be permitted.

Freshman Alyssa Derby said she is looking forward to going out to eat before the dance because she doesn’t have to pay for it, while senior Riley Seufert said she is most excited to party and “jam out to Fergalicious.”