Christmas is Coming to Town

What gifts do people want?


CHRISTMAS TIME- Students of AHS decorated trees in the library. These trees are being voted on to see which tree will win.

The Christmas season is soon approaching and it’s time to start looking for gifts! Many people have trouble thinking of gift ideas and what they want for Christmas.

Freshman Grace Barkley said she hasn’t necessarily thought of any gifts. Barkley is one of many students who hasn’t started thinking of what she wants, even with the little time left before Christmas.  

People also have trouble picking what to get for the special people in their life. There are just some gifts that you will never forget giving because you know it means so much to the person you are giving it to. One gift that Spanish teacher Trisha Nicewanger enjoyed giving was a quilt to her parents. She collected all of her families wedding pictures such as her grandparents and great grandparents and made them into a quilt.

One way many people gather in large crowds to buy presents is on Black Friday. Some students such as sophomore Cale Roller and senior Cody Mccreedy enjoy going Black Friday shopping to pick up gifts. On average 99 million people go Black Friday shopping in stores, according to CNN Money. Biology teacher, Taylor Williams prefers to go later in the day rather than in the morning to fight the bustling crowds.

My mom still keeps the Santa clause thing going at her house. We are all adults but we all still get Santa gifts.”

— Taylor Williams

Most families have traditions they enjoy doing every Christmas.  At the Barkley household they open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve because “my mom can’t wait.”  Others like Kennedy Georgen’s favorite Christmas tradition is opening presents on Christmas morning then going to her grandparents to eat breakfast. “My mom still keeps the Santa clause thing going at her house. We are all adults but we all still get Santa gifts,” Williams said about her favorite Christmas tradition. 

Some gifts we get for Christmas we will never be forgotten throughout the years. A gift that Niceswanger will never forget was a webcam her sister gifted her because she was going to be traveling abroad and they’d have a way to communicate on video chat.  Rollers favorite gift he ever received were “tickets to a Broncos game.”  Barkley’s favorite gift she has received was her first phone, a pink iPhone 5C.

Other Christmas traditions may be with friends such as secret Santa or gag gifts. Niceswanger has participated in both with different friend groups and some through school with varying price ranges and multiple gift exchanges. Georgen said she hasn’t given a gag gift in the past but “a bunch of us are maybe going to this year.”