A Therapy Dog’s Impact

October 10, 2022


Claire Pellett

Charli vists Tech Director Roger Warne. Charli made a habit of visiting classrooms as soon as she adjusted to school life.

Therapy dogs are used in schools across the country and have proven to be effective in academic and social growth. According to Frontiers in Veterinary Science, therapy dogs have been found to reduce physical stress, increase positive attitudes, and promote engagement in learning activities. “She makes me feel like I have someone to see when I’m having a bad day or just not feeling like I want to be at school,” said Davon Jensen, a 6th grader at AMS. Jensen spends as much time as he can with Charli and said that whenever he sees her he’s instantly happy because she’s calm and good around people. Aden said Charli “has that sense when people need that extra love and she’ll go to them.”

For the time being, Charli spends all of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the middle school, taking Tuesday and Thursday off to recover from all the emotion the previous day has held. Spending her days cheering everyone else up takes a lot out of her.

With only a few weeks into school, Charli has undoubtedly changed the ambience within the walls. Helping some kids through sickness and acting as a stress reliever for others, Charli has been a positive addition to the staff. “She has that unconditional love,” Aden said, “She will love on everybody.”

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