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Megan Andersen stands in front of her class. Andersen took classes at Morningside College, to get a teaching degree.

Megan Anderson

In room 400, Megan Anderson thrives on teaching students. Anderson is the new math teacher at Atlantic High School. Before teaching here, she was a substitute teacher that taught in grades preschool to high school for about four years. ¨I love substitute teaching, so when they asked me to come in here (the highschool) because they couldn’t find anybody, I jumped at it,” Anderson said. Before substitute teaching, Anderson got a degree for civil engineering from Iowa State University and worked for about two and a half years. After working for two years, she was a stay at home mom for her two sons.

Anderson’s experience with math and science goes even further back than civil engineering. “When I went to school, originally I was good at math and science,” Anderson said. However, she struggled with English. It wasn’t until high school that she started to like reading, which is now one of her hobbies. Anderson understands that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and for her, that was grammar and spelling. Her understanding of strengths and weaknesses was one of the factors that led her to teaching. “We just have to figure out how your brain works and make it click,” Anderson said.

Besides math, she also loves her family. Each year, she finds enjoyment in making a photo book that has her friends and family in it. She’s been making a photo book every year since her first son was born. Sometimes her kids don’t like to take pictures, because they are “at that age,” but they do enjoy looking at baby pictures of themselves.

Besides spending time with her family and being a teacher, she also enjoys watching movies. When she was a kid, she would stay up late with her grandmother and would watch movies and musicals. Anderson has watched all kinds of movies, from Marvel to Star Wars, but she wouldn’t consider herself a die hard fan of these movie series. Her husband is more of a fan of Marvel than she is. Even though she enjoys watching all types of movies, she doesn’t like all genres. “I will do a lot of movies, but will not do horror or suspense,” Anderson said. 

Anderson has started Morningside classes and is now on her way to getting an actual teacher certification. With the start of her teaching career, she is bringing her intelligence and love for helping others into the classroom.

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