Katie Birge

Junior Katie Birge participated in the All-State process.

November 8, 2021


Katie Birge

Katie Birge, Dawson Sorenson, and Erinchina Mark feel the excitement of auditions. This is their first time trying out for All State.

I didn’t make it into All-State, but don’t feel bad for me! To me, All-State wasn’t just some goal to get into a famous choir, but rather a process to help me grow as a musician. 

I learned how to work better with a group of people, and I made a few friends while doing so! Along my All-State journey, I learned to take on big challenges with a smile. I knew there was a very slim chance I was going to make it in, but I did know that the process would help me become better at what I am passionate about. 

All-State was one of the biggest musical challenges I have ever tackled. When I first decided to try out, it was actually because I was convinced to do so by my best friend Nina Welter. I don’t think either of us knew what we were getting into! I had two months of hard learning before I walked into a room with my group and sang for seven minutes in front of one judge. 

My group and I hadn’t had the easiest journey. During the season of All-State, my group was faced with an obstacle. I came down with a case of COVID about three weeks before our audition. I was quarantined for two weeks and the week of auditions I came back to school. My group and I practiced like mad. 

The day of auditions was nerve-racking.  We practiced and practiced the sections of the music that were given to us at 5 a.m. The music was to be sung in front of a judge. At the end of it all, I couldn’t believe I was done! I have come a long way, and I am proud of the work my group and I put in!

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