Card games pile up around my house. Everyone has a favorite game to play, and these are just a few of mine. (Molly McFadden)
Card games pile up around my house. Everyone has a favorite game to play, and these are just a few of mine.

Molly McFadden

The Top Ten Card Games

Read my opinions on which games bring the most fun and decide for yourself whether you agree.

January 15, 2021

If you are anything like me and my friends, we always want to hang out, but we can never decide what to do. We will often decide to go outside or watch a movie, but some of my favorite times together are spent playing cards. These are the top ten card games. If you think I left something out, leave a comment with your favorite card game.

#10 – Kings in the Corner

This classic, slow-paced game always brings joy to those playing. I like playing this game on a chill Saturday morning with my family. Not really the best party game, but it definitely still slaps.

How to play Kings in the Corner

#9 – War

This is another fairly chill game. There aren’t any fast actions, but every time I flip the same number as my opponent, my competitive side comes out. I will win that war and I will steal all of your face cards.

How to Play War

#8 – Phase 10

This game is great for when you have all day and nothing better to do. In all reality, my family often plays this in small sections rather in keeping track of our points throughout all 10 phases. I would recommend this game to everyone as it is pretty slow-paced, but still allows for a good friendly competition.

How to play Phase 10

#7 – Bluff

I absolutely love this game. Something about lying directly to your friends and family’s faces brings fun to any game night. One of my favorite things about Bluff is that there is always one person who incorrectly calls everyone’s bluff and ends up with the entire deck of cards.

How to Play Bluff

#6 – Taco! Cat! Goat! Cheese! Pizza!

This game, although not well known, has become one of my favorites in the last two years. It is very fast paced and can be known to break people’s nails if played aggressively enough. Taco! Cat! brings lots of laughs and if you’ve never played it, I would recommend looking into it.

How to Play Taco! Cat! Goat! Cheese! Pizza!

#5 – Egyptian Rat Slap

Egyptian Rat Slap is very similar to Taco Cat in the sense that the players are watching the deck and slapping it when the time is right. One thing I love about this game is that no players are completely out until the entire game is over. With the ability to “slap back in,” everyone in your party can continue to participate in the game throughout its entirety.

How to Play Egyptian Rat Slap

#4 – Uno

THIS GAME IS A CLASSIC, SO OF COURSE IT’S ON THE LIST. Uno doesn’t bring too much excitement or energy, but everyone knows how to play it and most people enjoy it. The ONLY downside about Uno is that everyone tries to bring in their own house rules. No one wants to play by your family’s crazy rules, just stick to the classic Uno that everyone knows and loves.

How to Play Uno

#3 – Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples

These two games are the CLASSIC party games. There is enough competition to encourage everyone to play their best, but it isn’t aggressive. Because of the many laughs and fond memories these games bring to the table, they easily deserve top three.

How to Play Apples to Apples

#2 – Dutch Blitz and Nertz and Oink

Now you may be thinking, “Molly, you just combined two games in the #3 spot, how can you possibly combine even more for the #2 spot?” Listen, these games are all the exact same thing and every person I have ever played with calls it a different thing. Nevertheless, these games are full of fast actions and quick thinking, making them a joy to play.

How to Play Nertz

Honorable Mentions

My honorable mentions include Skip-Bo, Golf, Rummy, Old Maid, Go Fish, and Crazy Eights. Although all fine, these games don’t quite make the cut. They just don’t have enough action.

#1 – Spoons

THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE. For every card game on this list I took into consideration how crazy it is to play. Is it too fast? Is it not fast enough? Spoons is the best of both worlds. Part of Spoons is simple and peaceful as the players collect four cards of the same number, passing the cards they don’t want to the person next to them. Then OUT OF NOWHERE everyone is reaching for a spoon. I have watched people jump over tables, wrestle other players, and fall down the stairs for a spoon, and that is what brings this game to number one.

How to Play Spoons

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