100-Word Rants: 2020

Everyone has an opinion. Can you express yours in exactly 100 words? Send your rant to [email protected] If we select it for publication, get your shades out!

Respecting Each Other
What Harm Does a Hood Do?
Driving Too Close to Others
Long Lunch Lines
COVID-19 Ruined Track Season
Lunch Periods Should Be Longer
Making a Bed Is Pointless
The Sink Water is Too Cold
Class Priorities
Shorter School Days
It’s Too Cold Inside the School
Leaving for Lunch
Unacceptable Bathroom Conditions
Respecting Others Political Views
Exclusivity is Toxic
Stop Giving Tests on Irrelevant Facts
Too Many Islands in the School Parking Lot
Buses Instead of Blizzards
Is Our State Curriculum Right?
Saying No to Homework
Tailgating is Trash
Stop Talking During Free Reading Time
High School Deserves Recess
Mental Health is Important as Physical Health
Separate Academic from Athletic Punishments

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