Movies to Watch This Spooky Season

Here is my list of recommendations, with a couple honorable mentions, for Halloween that is creeping up fast.

October 23, 2019

Hana Holtz

According to, Americans spend $2.6 billion each year on Halloween candy.

With Halloween coming up quick, I’ve spent way too many hours watching horror, thriller, suspenseful, Halloween movies and TV shows to give you my top ten things to watch for this spooky season. While some of them may not be Halloween-related, they all have a horror, thriller, or suspenseful element to them. For this particular top ten, I’m trying to steer clear of the classic horror films (i.e. “The Shining,” “Psycho,” “Child’s Play,” etc.), and find some hidden (or maybe not so hidden) gems for you guys to check out.

10. Mostly Ghostly (2008)

If you’re looking for a Halloween movie to enjoy with the family, look no further. “Mostly Ghostly” is a fun movie about two child ghosts who are trying to find their parents. They team up with the new kid who lives in their home in order to find them.

I think this movie is a great kids’ movie to share with the family on Halloween. It also brings back some nostalgia for the Disney fans out there.

9. Pure

“Pure” is a Hulu Original that is a part of the Hulu movie series “Into the Dark.” “Into the Dark” is a series of horror movies that are not connected as far as I can tell. It’s the story of a girl whose father was not there for her whole life, and suddenly, he wants to be a part of it, and takes her to a purity camp, I guess you could call it. It’s a camp where girls’ will pledge to wait until marriage for ya know, marriage-y stuff. 

I really liked this movie, and I thought it was a really good way to say “screw you” to certain female stereotypes, and it shows girls they need to stand up for themselves. Not just girls, everyone should stand up for themselves if they’re being forced into things.

8. Light As A Feather

“Light As A Feather” must have done something right because I watched the entire first season in a single day. Although, the first season only had ten 20-minute-long episodes. This show stars the eldest of the four kids in Disney Channel’s “Jessie,” Peyton List. 

I really liked this show and how it conveyed character development throughout the first season, even though there is a pretty limited amount of time there. The first season covers the main characters’ first semester of their senior year, and it gets pretty gnarly near the end. You can watch this show on Hulu.

7. Little Evil

“Little Evil” is a Netflix Original that is more comedy than horror. It stars the comedy TV show “Parks and Recreation” actor Adam Scott. He plays the stepfather of Lucas, and a bunch of stuff goes down.

I enjoyed the fact that it was more of a comedy than a horror movie because I think most horror movies don’t do the whole “scary” thing well, and I’ve always enjoyed a good comedic movie. You can watch “Little Evil” on Netflix.

6. Carrie (1976)

“Carrie” is a very good movie, and I’d rather have a classic than a terrible movie on this list, so here we are. “Carrie” is more of a thriller than it is anything else. I thought it was a fantastic movie. It is based upon the Stephen King novel of the same name, which came out two years prior.

I decided to add this movie because it was very well made, and I think a lot of the acting in it is really good, especially the girl who played Carrie, Sissy Spacek. 

5. The Perfection

“The Perfection” is a really screwed up movie about two cellists. One of them was a prodigy at a very prestigious academy for music until the other cellist came around and sort of stole her thunder. But that’s not why she makes the other girl cut off her own hand. 

I think this movie will make your skin crawl this Halloween because there’s so many screwed up things that happen. It also gives me a Tarantino vibe because this movie was made in different chapters and they go back and forth a lot. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

4. The X Files

“The X Files” is a show that focuses on proving “the truth” about aliens. You might know its iconic theme song that is used in many memes, or you might not, either way, it’s a very enjoyable show. There are eleven seasons, and 218 episodes. The show was first released in a nine-season span from 1993 to 2002, but then revival seasons were tacked on due to its popularity.

I chose this show because it’s a very interesting way to look at things. I also like shows about aliens so that might be part of it.

3. The Twilight Zone

“The Twilight Zone” is technically considered a classic, but it’s too good to not have on this list. It’s a black and white show from the ‘60s, which makes it that much better. 

I decided to add this one because it’s a really good show, and it can kind of screw with your brain sometimes. I like how most episodes are different, and they don’t have a pattern or story to them.

2. Coraline

While some kids may find this movie a little frightening, I would still consider this movie a “children’s movie” because of its child-like character. It’s a stop-motion animation film created by Henry Selik, who is also the director of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” 

I chose this particular film because it does a really nice job of showcasing what it’s all about, and still trying to keep the child-like character I mentioned before. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

Honorable Mentions

Culture Shock

“Culture Shock” is a thriller following a young Mexican woman who illegally crosses into the United States but is met with an unexpected twist. This movie is available on Hulu.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Don’t let the name fool you, this movie is both a Halloween movie, and a Christmas movie. This stop motion musical follows the Pumpkin King while he tries to find what is missing from his life. This movie is available with the Live TV addition on Hulu.

1. 11.22.63

This Hulu Original TV show is the product of a Stephen King novel, so you know it’s going to be good. It stars one half of my absolute favorite comedic duo, James Franco, and it does a really nice job of showcasing he can act without needing to be completely stoned all the time.

This show is about a guy who gets the option to time travel, with the premise of preventing the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

While this show isn’t exactly a Halloween-themed show, it is suspenseful, and very thrilling to watch. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you do to0.


Let me know what you think should be added to this list, and what your favorite horror, thriller, suspenseful, Halloween movies are. For a complete list of the movies, and shows I watched for this story, click here.

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