Jeff Lundquist

Newspaper Editor

“Journalists are not the enemy of the people. We are the exact opposite of that,” said Jeff Lundquist, editor and publisher of the Atlantic News Telegraph. Lundquist grew up in California and moved to Atlantic in 2000. He has been in the journalism business for 30 years and said the industry is constantly changing. “You have to go out and be a part of the community, tell a story, and use what is important to your reader to be a journalist.”

When Lundquist puts together a story, he said the different sides he might hear are “like a puzzle.” His trick for getting a story out there and heard is “using what interests your readers.” It is important that stories remain unbiased and factual because if a piece is biased, there is a risk of losing the trust of the readers. Lundquist added, “You need to keep fighting as a journalist or people will criticize you.”

Sophomore Troy Roach said, “It was genuinely one of the most interesting talks. It made me feel so invited and interested.”

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