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Shelby Pelzer
Since her sophomore year, Shelby Pelzer has been involved in journalism. In her junior year she was an anchor for the Eye of the Needle, and she is now the lead editor for the AHS Needle. As the lead editor, Pelzer is responsible for posting and editing articles, as well as writing the major stories. She is currently working on a story and video profile about Bob Anderson, a 90-year-old adult student taking math and science classes at the high school. Aside from dance team, Pelzer dedicates all of her elective time to journalism.

One thing she enjoys in particular about journalism is how it feels different from school. She said it feels more like a work environment. They are pretty much in charge of themselves and the instructor, Allison Berryhill, is just there so they don’t “rip each other’s heads off.”

In her free time Pelzer enjoys spending time with her cats, stating, “My cats are like my children.” Pelzer describes herself as caring and fun, and she thinks if her friends had to describe her, they would mention her love for cats. One of Pelzer’s best friends is Alexis Handel. They tell eachother everything. Her mom has also been a good role model and has always been there for her.

If she was only allowed to eat one food for an entire year, she would choose steamed vegetables. “I would rather eat vegetables than eat candy any day.” While Pelzer despises cooking, she recalls once cooking parmesan chicken for herself and her sister while their mom was gone.

Pelzer’s favorite football team is the Kansas City Chiefs. If there was one talent she could acquire without effort, she would want to be able to do well academically without needing to study. Pelzer also said she plans to move to California next year.


Profile written by: Evan Brummer and Jacob Park

Shelby Pelzer, Lead AHSneedle Editor

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