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2017-2018 Staff

Reagan Pellett

Journalism Production Student

Reagan Pellett is in her first year of journalism and enjoys taking pictures and editing videos.  Pellett’s favorite part of journalism is “learning new skills and being around everybody in the journalism department.” ...

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Anna Lowary

Journalism Production Student

Anna Lowary is currently a first year journalism student who enjoys making and editing videos for the journalism department. “I like journalism because it gives you an opportunity to try new things. I would have never tried to tak...

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Grace Bruckner

Journalism Production Student

Atlantic High School Journalism Production student Grace Bruckner “enjoys editing the videos and trying different things.” Grace’s brother Noah, is also involved with the Eye of the Needle. She also has a younger sister n...

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Brandon Woodard

Journalism Production Student

Brandon Woodard is a junior and first year JP student that has a passion for editing. Woodards most liked project was the “Best Memes of 2017” with Marcus Duranceau and Noah Rutherford. In addition to journalism Woodard works sea...

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Connor Church

Journalism Production Student

Connor Church is a journalism production student who likes to take video. He likes to talk with people and get to know them through the interviews. Church says he is a “big sports guy.” He likes to watch the Twins and the Pack...

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Kelsie Siedlik

Journalism Production Student

Sophomore Kelsie Siedlik is a journalism production student with an interest in broadcasting. “It makes me feel like I’m in charge almost,” she said. She enjoys the editing aspect of broadcasting. Siedlik is also involved in stu...

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Grace Clay

Journalism Production Student

Journalism Production student Grace Clay is a sophomore at the Atlantic High school. She enjoys making videos. “I like the editing,” Clay said. In her free time, she usually watches Netflix. She really enjoys watching show...

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Katie Schmitt

Journalism production student

Katie Schmitt is a journalism production student but won't be around for any further classes because she is a senior. Schmitt wants to go to Iowa Western for a year then go to ACKCC in Kansas City to major in mortuary sciences....

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Emma Templeton

Journalism Production Student

Atlantic sophomore Emma Templeton is a member of the AHS Journalism team. She is involved in volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and Student Council. Templeton looks up to her grandma because, "She's the coolest G eva' and...

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Callie Richter

Journalism Production Student

In addition to AHS Journalism, sophomore Callie Richter is involved in soccer and AHS Fuel. In her free time, she enjoys running outside, going out to eat with friends, and listening to good music. Most of the time she finds herself...

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Pluma Pross

Journalism Production Student

Sophomore Pluma Pross is a journalism production student at Atlantic High School. Pross has been involved in cross country and track since 7th grade. Pross runs anything from a 200m-3,000m race. In Pross's free time she enjoys...

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Madison Fell

Journalism Production Student

Sophomore, Madison Fell is a first-year journalism student that is learning all the fundamentals of being a journalist. She is involved in many school activities such as student council, ahs fuel, Spanish club, dance team, journalism...

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Kayla Mauk

Journalism Production Student

  Atlantic High School sophomore Kayla Mauk, aka Kmauk4213, is a Journalism Production student. She has been involved in Student Council, AHS fuel, volleyball, wrestling managing, and soccer. Mauk is a member of the AHS Dan...

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Tayler Burg

Journalism Production Student

Journalism production student Tayler Burg is a sophomore at the Atlantic High School. In addition to journalism, she is involved in dance team and track. When Burg isn't in track or dance team, she works at Dance Atlantic. Bu...

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Kylie Neal

Journalism Production Student

Atlantic High School sophomore Kylie Neal is a member of the AHS journalism team. “I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of yearbook production because I enjoy taking photos and editing,” Neal said. She is employed at S...

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Aleigh Bean

Journalism Production Student

Atlantic High School sophomore, Aleigh Bean, is a member of AHS journalism. In her freetime she does track and dance. “I enjoy running track because the team makes the running part a lot better.” Bean said. She has been in danc...

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Cale Roller

Journalism Production Student

Sophomore Cale Roller is a member of the Atlantic High School journalism team. He is involved with three sports, including wrestling, football and track. His favorite sport is wrestling, which he does in both winter and summer,...

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Ashley Wendt


Ashley Wendt serves as an editor of AHSneedle.com this semester. She brings a passion for stories, an eye for detail, and a drive for improvement to her role. In addition to editing, Wendt frequently writes content for the site.

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Anastasia Muell

Journalism Production Student

In addition to Journalism, sophomore Ana Muell is in Premiere show choir. This year in Premiere Muell’s favorite song was the ballad "How to Return Home," in which she performed a solo. Muell is also involved in soccer, band, marc...

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Hannah Anstey

Journalism Production Student

Junior Hannah Anstey enjoys the photography aspect of journalism, especially sports and musical events. She is also involved the Diversity show choir, where she sings alto. Her favorite song in this year’s program is the ba...

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Hana Holtz

Journalism Production Student

Sophomore Hana Holtz is an AHS journalism member who hopes to be a part of the Eye of the Needle team in the future. Holtz is employed at KJAN, where she presents the news, sports, obituaries, weather, as well as DJing. Besides being...

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Alyssa Brockob

Journalism Production Student

Alyssa Brockob, a member of the AHS journalism team, is an active participant in events in and out of school. She enjoys Show choir, speech, the AHS fall play, the AHS musical, girl scouts, 4H, and youth council. Brockob has ...

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Cole Sampson

Journalism Production student

Atlantic High School sophomore Cole Sampson is a member of the AHS journalism team. Though he is not yet sure which aspect of the school’s journalism depart he wishes to pursue, Sampson does have interest in working on onlin...

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Kathryn Saluk

Journalism Production Student

Kathryn Saluk is a multimedia journalist, as she is a member of both the AHS journalism team and also works part time at local radio station KSOM. Saluk presents both news and obituaries, and also writes news stories at KSOM. As...

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Chloe Davis

Journalism Production Student

Atlantic High School sophomore Chloe Davis is a member of the AHS Journalism Team. Davis is employed at Salute Gymnastics. “I enjoy motivating young gymnasts to better themselves, both as an individual and an athlete,” Davis said. ...

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McKenzie Waters

Journalism Production Student

Sophomore McKenzie Waters, enjoys her time as a member of the AHS journalism team. She loves the opportunity to write stories, take pictures, and interview students. “I am most proud of the girls basketball story I wrote alongs...

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Logan Templeton

EON Anchor

Atlantic senior, Logan Templeton is a journalist for the Atlantic High School. He does all of AHS premium quality videos for EON. Templeton's favorite project is the current one he is working on. His project is to see what he w...

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Noah Rutherford

Trojan buzz Anchor

Noah Rutherford films for the “Trojan Buzz,” a section of The Eye of the Needle. “I edit and on camera for the buzz,” Rutherford said. The video he is most proud of in his segment was when he covered the new movie “It...

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Mycala Kickland

Yearbook Editor

Senior, Mycala Kickland, helps with multiple aspects of AHS journalism. “I help with trojan buzz and give them ideas, and I am in yearbook and I help create pages,” said Kickland. When Kylie Proehl and Kickland put togethe...

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Kole Schmitt

EON Producer

AHS journalism member, Kole Schmitt is a producer for the Eye of the Needle. He said that the journalism project or story that he is most proud of was “probably the Christmas episode.” He also likes to hang out with his frie...

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Cooper McDermott

Sports Editor

Senior Cooper McDermott is a sports journalist on the AHS journalism team. McDermott said he is most proud of his Homecoming football story and that a specific aspect he enjoys about journalism is educator, Allison Berryhill....

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Mariah Cook

Yearbook Editor in Chief

Senior Mariah Cook is the head editor-in-chief of the yearbook department. She is most proud of the 2018 yearbook they are currently working on. “I’m excited for people to see it and get feedback of what they think,” said Coo...

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Sarah Schorle

Javlin Junior Editor in Chief

Junior Javelin Editor-in-Chief takes a lot of work for Sarah Schorle. Her favorite aspect in journalism is being able to work independently, but also together to create “one big vision.” A project she is most proud of is setting...

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Chase McLaren


Sports have been a big part of Chase McLaren’s high school experience. Whether it be on the mat or diamond, you will always find McLaren working his hardest and doing his best. McLaren said wrestling is “a hard sport,” but that...

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Sierra Parker


Sierra Parker is involved in journalism as the yearbook editor and one of the accomplishments she is most proud of in journalism is the videos that her, Belicia and her friend Destiny made. Parker enjoys coming up with ideas for...

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Halsey Bailey

EON Anchor, Business Manager

Halsey Bailey is a junior at Atlantic High School. She is a business manager for AHS Journalism as well as the Fine Arts Anchor for Eye of the Needle. “I enjoy broadcasting and the behind-the-scenes like behind the camera stuff....

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Erin Wendt

Business Manager/Editor

Junior Erin Wendt is one of the two business managers for the AHS journalism department. She also occasionally writes stories for AHSneedle, and her favorite stories are the “Getting to Know the Class of 2017” articles. Wend...

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Abbey Bishop


Junior Abbey Bishop is an editor on the AHS journalism team. During her time as an editor, the story she is most proud of is, “the one about the six new teachers to AHS” last year. Her favorite part of the journalism program ...

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Hannah Maley


Hannah Maley is an editor for the school yearbook, The Javelin. Maley wrote a story about the new teachers, where she went around and talked to all the teachers about where they’re from. She said “we had to type out everything...

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Hannah Alff

Photography Editor

Junior Hannah Alff is one of AHS Needle’s photography editors. This is her second year participating in the journalism team. “My favorite aspect in Journalism is editing photographs.” Alff said. Her preferred project is ...

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Taylor Hansen

Yearbook Editor

Atlantic High School junior Taylor Hansen is a yearbook editor on the Journalism team. “I really enjoy the people and the environment. I also love the freedom we have as journalists,” Hansen said.  The story she’s most ...

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Marcus Duranceau


“I do Trojan Buzz with Noah.”  Marcus Duranceau, a junior  stated about the role he played in the AHS needle. His most proud video is last week’s clown video, he loved how well it was put together. He enjoys the lemon d...

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Noah Bruckner

Lead AHS Needle editor

Senior Noah Bruckner is the sports editor for AHS Needle in the journalism department this year. This means he has to “make sure all stories regarding sports are up and on the site.” Bruckner’s favorite piece he has written i...

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Zeke Whetstone

Tech Editor

Zeke Whetstone, also known as “dryrock,” is a family man that loves spending time on the beach with his best friends and family. He looks up to his mom and dad because of “how hard they work to turn nothing into something ...

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Charity Williams

Fine Arts editor

Senior Charity Williams is the Fine Arts Editor in the journalism department. She digs up the behind-the-scenes information on both the school newscast “Eye of the Needle” and the school newspaper, AHSNeedle.com. Williams said sh...

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Shelby Pelzer

Lead AHSneedle Editor

Since her sophomore year, Shelby Pelzer has been involved in journalism. In her junior year she was an anchor for the Eye of the Needle, and she is now the lead editor for the AHS Needle. As the lead editor, Pelzer is responsi...

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Jaxson Eden

Celebrations editor

Jaxon Eden, Head anchor for Atlantic’s Eye of the Needle, fuels all of his outstanding efforts by the motivation to be better than others, or the best he himself can be. Those 24 people who beat him at state track last year ar...

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Dillon Sonntag


Senior Dillon Sonntag has been a part of the journalism team as an editor for three years. Most of these stories consist of sporting activities. Sonntag said his favorite story he’s  written so far is “Meet the Freshman ...

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Kylie Proehl

Photography/Yearbook Editor

Kylie Proehl is the sports anchor on Eye of Needle. She is also a yearbook editor and a lead photographer. She is most proud of a story she wrote her sophomore year which won an IHSPA and received third place The aspect Proe...

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Alexis Handel

Lead Editor

You can find her hitting dingers for the Atlantic High School’s softball team as one of the best hitters in the state. You can find her “chilling” with her dog Dixon or watching Netflix on her bed, but you can also find ...

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Chloe Newbury

Social Media Manager/Editor

Chloé Newbury is the social media manager and chief on the AHS Journalism team. When asked what project she was most proud of during her career she said that starting up the senior magazine was “pretty fun.” We asked what...

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Emily Schreiner


Emily Schreiner, 17, is an editor for the AHS Needle. Schreiner has worked on many projects, but she says her favorite one was “The Tree In The Middle Of The Road” video. She also said, “In general I like to edit the vide...

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Trevor Wendt

EON Producer

Trevor Wendt, Chief Producer for Eye of the Needle will always make you slightly mad if you were hanging out with him because he changes a song halfway through it even if everyone is having a very good time listening to it. Wend...

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