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Mycala Kickland
Senior, Mycala Kickland, helps with multiple aspects of AHS journalism. “I help with trojan buzz and give them ideas, and I am in yearbook and I help create pages,” said Kickland. When Kylie Proehl and Kickland put together the yearbook distribution party in 2016, it was one of her favorite Journalism projects because there was a chocolate fountain and “It was awesome.” Kickland said she enjoys the aspect in journalism of being able to come up with your own ideas and completing them.

Kickland is very invested in swimming but when the swimming season is over she likes to be able to go home after school and sleep, “I love to sleep.” “I look up to Anna Lowary because she always pushes me and motivates me,” Kickland said. Her wallpaper on her phone is also Anna Lowary and her at a football game. Kickland said she always roots for the Atlantic Trojans at football games on Friday nights.

“Im crabby in the morning but I also like to have fun,” Kickland explained that's how her friends would describe her. She describes herself as sarcastic. She is an open book and there's not much people don't know about her. Kickland would never give up her dog “because she loves me.” After that Kickland explained how her dog knows her best because “she is with me a lot.” Kickland also loves spaghetti although she doesn't cook very much. The last thing she remembers cooking was rice. If their was one talent Kickland could acquire without effort it would be being able to make a million dollars over night.


Profile written by: Taylor Burg and Anna Lowry

Mycala Kickland, Yearbook Editor

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