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Mackynzie Steffens
Mackynzie Steffens found her love in journalism from her mom who was also in journalism class during her high school years. Steffens said, “Berryhill was my English teacher and I knew I would like her to teach me again.” Steffens' favorite hobby is dance because it has always been in her family. Steffens also loves to go eat at Azteca because “one time Korbs [Korben Peterson] bought me and my boyfriend, Trevor, our supper once, also because it tastes better than Rancho.” When it comes to food, Steffens said she is "too picky to try something new." Steffens' favorite show to binge on is "Stranger Things" when there is a new season. In between seasons, she likes to binge "Gays" because she's "basic." Steffens said her best quality is “being fairly artistic.” Her little trick to stop the hiccups is plugging your nose and drinking water. Her favorite school subject is English because she is "really good in it.”

Story by Beau Dickerson

Mackynzie Steffens, Staff Writer

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