• Good luck to the girls swim team against Lewis Central on Saturday, Oct. 19!
  • The volleyball team is playing in the Winterset Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 19. Good luck!
  • The movie in the Trojan Bowl is Saturday, Oct. 19.
  • The last home football game of the season is Friday, Oct. 18. Good luck!
  • The first quarter ends on Friday, Oct. 18.
  • Good luck to the cross country teams at the conference meet on Thursday, Oct. 17!
  • The 2018-19 Javelin is in!
Kole Schmitt
AHS journalism member, Kole Schmitt is a producer for the Eye of the Needle. He said that the journalism project or story that he is most proud of was “probably the Christmas episode.” He also likes to hang out with his friends during journalism class. Journalism is one of his favorite things in school, because he is involved with “nothing” outside of school. Even though Schmitt isn’t involved with any extracurricular activities, he can “skateboard.”

Schmitt said that he just likes to hang out with friends in the afternoon. “I’d never change how scared I get when I get in the car with McKayla,” Schmitt said. Schmitt also said that the football team that he roots for is the “Atlantic Trojans.” Schmitt said that he looks up to his mother, because she is inspirational.

“My family knows me best,” Schmitt said. Schmitt described that his calming place that he goes to is his bedroom. Friends tend to call him “knowledgeable.” Schmitt also describes himself as “friendly and bold.” He also said that if he could eat only one food it would be “definitely shrimp fried rice.” The last thing that Schmitt said that he has cooked was pot pie. “The wallpaper of my phone is of me and Zeke,” Schmitt said. “If I could have one talent without effort, it would have to be, making a billion dollars overnight,” Schmitt said.


Profile written by: Connor Church

Kole Schmitt, EON Producer

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