• Good luck to the girls swim team against Lewis Central on Saturday, Oct. 19!
  • The volleyball team is playing in the Winterset Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 19. Good luck!
  • The movie in the Trojan Bowl is Saturday, Oct. 19.
  • The last home football game of the season is Friday, Oct. 18. Good luck!
  • The first quarter ends on Friday, Oct. 18.
  • Good luck to the cross country teams at the conference meet on Thursday, Oct. 17!
  • The 2018-19 Javelin is in!
Hana Holtz
Hana Holtz is a member of the AHSneedle team, where she works with other journalists to keep the news website updated. “We work very hard,” she said. According to Holtz, she didn’t want to do journalism at first but journalism advisor Alison Berryhill convinced her to do it. Holtz said, “I liked it both semesters and decided to just keep doing it.” She writes stories about school activities and events and her favorite part about the class is the people in it. The yearbook story she wrote with classmate Aly Brockob was her favorite story she has published to date. In her free time, Holtz likes to play tennis, watch TV and Netflix--the “usual stuff.” She also likes to cheer on the Chicago Cubs, her favorite professional sports team.

Story by Colin Mullenix and Payton Fewson

Hana Holtz, Editor

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