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Chloe Newbury
Chloé Newbury is the social media manager and chief on the AHS Journalism team. When asked what project she was most proud of during her career she said that starting up the senior magazine was “pretty fun.” We asked what her favorite part of journalism was she says, “Getting to talk to a wide range of students and getting to know them and their aspects on everything.”

She’s been involved in Student Council during high school. Newbury says very few people know about her interest in cars. The person that knows her best, Emily Saeugling, would describe her as “shy at first, then loud and annoying” even though she would describe herself as caring and understanding.

One thing Newbury would never consider to give away would be a necklace that represents her grandpa. “He had this saying above his bed and he liked eagles and it has an eagle and that saying and it just represented him,” she says. When she has a day off and wants a relaxing evening she would “get a big blanket for all my dogs to fit on then sit in the shade and read a book”.

Out of all the people she knows, Newbury chooses to look up to her brother “because he's been through a lot and he's shown me you can get through anything.” We asked Newbury if she had to eat one food for a year, what it would be and without even a second of thought, she says, “Chicken!” If she could have one talent without effort she would choose to be smart.


Profile written by: Callie Richter and Grace Van Aernam

Chloé Newbury, Social Media Manager/Editor

Apr 27, 2017
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