• Good luck to the girls swim team against Lewis Central on Saturday, Oct. 19!
  • The volleyball team is playing in the Winterset Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 19. Good luck!
  • The movie in the Trojan Bowl is Saturday, Oct. 19.
  • The last home football game of the season is Friday, Oct. 18. Good luck!
  • The first quarter ends on Friday, Oct. 18.
  • Good luck to the cross country teams at the conference meet on Thursday, Oct. 17!
  • The 2018-19 Javelin is in!

2019-2020 Volleyball

Sat, Aug 31 EarlhamAHSTW2-1 StoryW
EarlhamAHSTW Story
Sat, Aug 31 Denison-SchleswigAHSTW0-2 StoryL
Denison-SchleswigAHSTW Story
Sat, Aug 31 RiversideAHSTW2-0 StoryW
RiversideAHSTW Story
Sat, Aug 31 Council Bluffs Thomas JeffAHSTW1-2 StoryL
Council Bluffs Thomas JeffAHSTW Story
Tue, Sep 03 ACGCACGC1-2 StoryL
Tue, Sep 03 CAMACGC2-0 StoryW
Tue, Sep 03 East UnionACGC2-0 StoryW
East UnionACGC Story
Thu, Sep 05 NevadaADM0-2 StoryL
NevadaADM Story
Thu, Sep 05 GilbertADM0-2 StoryL
GilbertADM Story
Thu, Sep 05 NorwalkADM0-2 StoryL
NorwalkADM Story
Thu, Sep 05 Woodward-GrangerADM1-2 StoryL
Woodward-GrangerADM Story
Thu, Sep 05 ADMADM1-2 StoryL
Sat, Sep 14 UnderwoodAtlantic0-2 StoryL
UnderwoodAtlantic Story
Sat, Sep 14 St. AlbertAtlantic0-2 StoryL
St. AlbertAtlantic Story
Sat, Sep 14 TreynorAtlantic1-2 StoryL
TreynorAtlantic Story
Sat, Sep 14 GlenwoodAtlantic0-2 StoryL
GlenwoodAtlantic Story
Sat, Sep 14 WintersetAtlantic1-2 StoryL
WintersetAtlantic Story
Tue, Sep 17 GlenwoodClarinda0-3 StoryL
GlenwoodClarinda Story
Tue, Sep 17 ClarindaClarinda2-3 StoryL
ClarindaClarinda Story
Thu, Sep 19 HarlanAtlantic1-3 StoryL
HarlanAtlantic Story
Sat, Sep 21 WintersetBondurant-Farrar0-2 StoryL
WintersetBondurant-Farrar Story
Sat, Sep 21 Pella ChristianBondurant-Farrar1-2 StoryL
Pella ChristianBondurant-Farrar Story
Sat, Sep 21 Bondurant-FarrarBondurant-Farrar0-2 StoryL
Bondurant-FarrarBondurant-Farrar Story
Sat, Sep 21 Cedar Rapids KennedyBondurant-Farrar0-2 StoryL
Cedar Rapids KennedyBondurant-Farrar Story
Sat, Sep 21 Dallas Center-GrimesBondurant-Farrar0-2 StoryL
Dallas Center-GrimesBondurant-Farrar Story
Sat, Sep 21 NevadaBondurant-Farrar0-2 StoryL
NevadaBondurant-Farrar Story
Thu, Sep 26 St. AlbertSt. Albert0-3 StoryL
St. AlbertSt. Albert Story
Tue, Oct 01 Lewis CentralAtlantic0-3 StoryL
Lewis CentralAtlantic Story
Tue, Oct 01 CrestonAtlantic3-2 StoryW
CrestonAtlantic Story
Thu, Oct 03 Kuemper CatholicAtlantic0-3 StoryL
Kuemper CatholicAtlantic Story
Sat, Oct 05 WestwoodTri-Center2-1 StoryW
WestwoodTri-Center Story
Sat, Oct 05 Red OakTri-Center0-2 StoryL
Red OakTri-Center Story
Sat, Oct 05 Tri-CenterTri-Center1-2 StoryL
Tri-CenterTri-Center Story
Sat, Oct 05 IKM-ManningTri-Center0-2 StoryL
IKM-ManningTri-Center Story
Sat, Oct 05 Lawton-BronsonTri-Center0-2 StoryL
Lawton-BronsonTri-Center Story
Tue, Oct 08 Denison-SchleswigDenison-Schleswig1-3 StoryL
Denison-SchleswigDenison-Schleswig Story
Tue, Oct 15 ShenandoahAtlantic2-3L
Tue, Oct 15 Red OakAtlantic1-3L
Red OakAtlantic
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