• The fall play is showing Friday, Nov. 15, Saturday, Nov. 16, and Sunday, Nov. 17. Break a leg!
  • There will be a Veteran's Day assembly on Monday, Nov. 11 during seminar.
  • The 2018-19 Javelin is in!

Recent Results

FootballFri, Oct 25 Red Oak54-0 StoryW
Red Oak54-0 StoryW
VolleyballWed, Oct 23 Red Oak0-3 StoryL
Red Oak0-3 StoryL
VolleyballSat, Oct 19 Gilbert1-2 StoryL
Gilbert1-2 StoryL
VolleyballSat, Oct 19 Carlisle1-2 StoryL
Carlisle1-2 StoryL
VolleyballSat, Oct 19 East Mills1-2 StoryL
East Mills1-2 StoryL
FootballFri, Oct 18 Shenandoah55-25 StoryW
Shenandoah55-25 StoryW
VolleyballTue, Oct 15 Red Oak1-3 StoryL
Red Oak1-3 StoryL
VolleyballTue, Oct 15 Shenandoah2-3 StoryL
Shenandoah2-3 StoryL
FootballFri, Oct 11 Greene County0-26 StoryL
Greene County0-26 StoryL
VolleyballTue, Oct 08 Denison-Schleswig1-3 StoryL
Denison-Schleswig1-3 StoryL
VolleyballSat, Oct 05 Red Oak0-2 StoryL
Red Oak0-2 StoryL
VolleyballSat, Oct 05 Tri-Center1-2 StoryL
Tri-Center1-2 StoryL
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Upcoming Games

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