• May 23The softball home opener is Friday against Thomas Jefferson. Good luck!

  • May 23The baseball boys take on Red Oak at home on Thursday. Good luck!

  • May 20Good luck to the singles players at state tennis on Friday and Saturday!

  • May 20Good luck to the golfers at state on Thursday and Friday!

  • May 20Good luck to the girls' soccer team on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week!

  • October 15Buy your yearbook!!!

Girls basketball preview

November 10, 2010

Filed under Beat Reports, Sports

by Alisha Hinzmann The 2010-2011 girls basketball season started on Monday, Nov. 8, following a team meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2. The young Trojann team this year will be better both with talent and experience, head coach Casey Pelzer said. “Our biggest challenge this year is seven out of our...

Northwest to Southwest, O’Donnell here to stay

November 9, 2010

Filed under Beat Reports, Fine Arts

by Katelyn Blake Band teacher Jarrod O’Donnell had six years of teaching experience before coming to Atlantic.  His career started he says, “When I was tested in the fourth grade to play an instrument.  I had great band directors after that, and they were having fun and got me interested in doing the same.” O’Donn...

New Student Council adviser: McKay

November 8, 2010

Filed under Beat Reports, School News

By Malachi Wickman The AHS Student Council has a change in advisers. Heather McKay, Atlantic High School  principal, is now also the adviser for Student Council.  McKay was already meeting with the officers, she said, and wanted to help out the previous adviser,  Elizabeth Huggins, so it felt natural t...

Look at AHS through the holes in the walls

November 8, 2010

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by Katelyn Blake Students walking to first period in the 400 hallway on Wednesday, Oct. 27,  saw custodian Jerry Jensen drilling a board to cover a hole in the wall across from the girls’ bathroom. Jensen wasn’t smiling. “If you are mad at someone,” said Jensen, “go punch a brick wall and br...

Want to vote?

November 1, 2010

Filed under Beat Reports, School News

by Luke Karamitros Are you 18 years old? Do you have a driver's license? Do you know your current address? If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you are allowed to vote for the mid-term elections on Tuesday, Nov. 2. In Iowa, people can register on the day of elections at their...

AHS students build a garage

October 29, 2010

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports, School News

By Morgan Beauchamp AHS students are building a garage for a teacher. Roger Warne’s first period Manufacture Tech class is building a garage for school psychologist Judy Kay. The class is building the garage in the school shop. They will then transfer the garage to its destination in pieces, a...

ITEDs: Are they important?

October 28, 2010

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports, School News

by Malachi Wickman Students in Atlantic High School are taking the Iowa Test of Education Department (ITEDs) this week, Oct. 25-29. The ITEDs determine many things for the school district.  They affect how much money the school receives, determine students' annual progress, and help revise the...

AHS welcomes Ross

October 27, 2010

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports

by Sam Peterson A new addition to AHS is business teacher Natalie Ross.  Ross replaces Josh Rasmussen, who is now working as AHS vice-principal and district athletic director. Ross is teaching Microsoft Office Advanced, Microsoft Office, Internet Application, and General Business. Students ...

Keeping math students awake

October 27, 2010

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports

by Cassandra Long Keeping the attention of students can be a hard task for teachers. For math teachers, keeping students interested is important.  Some students do not enjoy math, which causes them not to pay attention. One statement that math teachers hear is, “When will I ever use this again?” The ty...

Seniors not taking ASVAB test

October 26, 2010

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports, School News

by Stephanie Pross In previous years, while freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the ITEDS, seniors took the the entrance test for the United States Military known as the ASVAB. This year, however, seniors will not be taking the test. Principal Heather McKay said, “There was a change i...

Downloading music is popular but illegal

October 26, 2010

Filed under Beat Reports

by: Devin O’Neil There are many ways to download music using the internet. iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon are a few, but the most common way of downloading music is to do so illegally.  According to techdirt.com, the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) reports that 95% of...

Take note: update on Tony Wiley’s classes

October 25, 2010

Filed under Academics, Beat Reports

By Alex Rutledge Good news from the history department. Teacher Tony Wiley says that kids are doing better in his classes at this stage than last year. Wiley’s classes aren’t like most classes in AHS.  Wiley lectures during class time while students take notes.   Students have differe...

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