Students wear red to honor retiring teacher

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By  Breanna Kixmiller
Many Atlantic students wore red to school on Friday, Oct. 12, the final day of Mr. Shuman’s career at Atlantic High School.  Terrance Shuman, a long time English teacher and drama director, has been known for wearing red when in a bad mood to warn students.

Shuman’s resignation was accepted at the school board meeting on Saturday, Sept. 11,  where he informed the board that he would be done at the end of the quarter.

“I am wearing red because Shuman is my favorite teacher and Shuman wears red to express his anger and I am wearing red to express that I am upset that he is leaving,” said senior Caroline Trewet, a four time All-State speech participant.

Over 20 students participated  and showed their support.

Students from all grade levels show their support for Shuman on his last day of teaching.

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