Cruise Night Rides into Atlantic

For the past few weeks, Atlantic residents have done a Cruise Night up and down Chestnut street every Thursday evening starting at 7 p.m.


Hana Holtz

Many vehicles line up for Cruise Night so friends and family of the community can briefly visit while still social distancing.

Dani Mathisen, Editor

Get ready, get set, and go for a drive in downtown Atlantic, while maintaining social distancing and safety. 

As many stores closed and events canceled due to COVID-19, the community of Atlantic found an alternative to get out of the house while still following the social distancing guidelines. For the past few weeks, a Cruise Night has been held going up and down Chestnut street every Thursday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. This gives members of the Atlantic community an opportunity to see friends and family while still sustaining social distance. 

Cruise Night was first brought to attention in the Facebook group Atlantic Iowa Community Assistance by group-member Tony Miller. He got the idea from seeing another town doing a “Scoop the Loop” and remembered the times when he was a kid and how “they were always fun.” 

Miller first posted about Cruise Night on Wednesday, March 25. Within that day the post received a lot of positive feedback and he got into contact with people, including the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. The following day, the first Cruise Night came and the turn out was “simply amazing” according to Miller.

Cruise Night took off and received a lot of feedback from the community. “I thought it was sweet because we got the town interacting while still being safe,” senior Aybren Moore said. Although most comments about the event were positive, there were still a few things that needed to be adjusted. 

Atlantic residents who live in the downtown area became upset with the excessive honking, revving engines, and the squealing of tires. Miller, the Atlantic Police Department, and the Chamber of Commerce then partnered together to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all. They also worked on the congestion of vehicles and that all traffic laws were still being followed. Miller said everyone needs to remember those who live downtown and that it’s a community event. “We need to be respectful to everyone,” he said.

In the long run, Miller hopes that Cruise Night, along with other events and fundraisers, will be incorporated into the community. He would like to see the community still come together when all of downtown is open again and people are able to visit businesses. “I am only a person with an idea,” Miller said. “The community of Atlantic is what made this event.”