Girls’ Swim Team Improves from Dowling

The AHS Girls’ Swim Team made many improvements from the previous meet.


Grace Clay

This past Saturday, the AHS Girls’ Swim Team swam for 10th place in Linn-Mar with 79 total points. Altogether there were 12 teams who competed.

Sophomore Bryer Rose swam the 500 yd freestyle at both the Lin-Mar meet and the Dowling meet. She placed 22nd in the Linn-Mar meet, improving by 11 seconds. Junior Clare Christensen swam the 100 yd fly and she improved by two seconds from the previous meet, placing 13th at Linn-Mar. In an interview with the Atlantic News Telegraph, Coach Dean Junker said, “Clare swam a terrific 100 fly,” and, “Bryer had a good 500.”

The 200 yd free relay also improved by a little over a second from meet to meet.