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Getting to Know the Class of 2017: Bailey Schildberg

Senior spotlight featuring Bailey Schildberg.

Schildberg's 2015-16 journalism profile picture.

Schildberg's 2015-16 journalism profile picture.

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Bailey Schildberg has been influenced greatly by journalism teacher Allison Berryhill. She has taught Schildberg how to be independent, and how to learn from your mistakes. Schildberg said, “She wants you to be the best possible version of you.”

Schildberg looks forward to life after graduation, and wants to make the best of life. Schildberg is wanting to go to the University of Iowa to major in Clinical Psychology.  “In 8th grade, we took a careers class and I knew I wanted to help people with their problems.” She knew she did not want to be a doctor, but, “wanted to help them with their mental state.”  Also, Schildberg wants to minor in sign language. “While working at Hy-Vee, I have had deaf people come in, and I feel bad because I’m not able to talk to them, ” Schildberg said. “Sometimes they’ll give me a paper and pencil to talk to them.”

If Schildberg won a million dollars she would help many people. “I would give money to my parents for all the stress I’ve put them through, and people I’m close with. I would also keep a little bit for myself, and use the rest of the money to travel to Africa to help the kids in need over there,” Schildberg said. Also, she would try and make a record of how many charities she could donate to if she won the lottery.

What most people would say about Schildberg is that she is a funny, weird and a loving person. While she is a loving person, tries to help people, and makes the best of things, it has not always been the best for her. Before she came to Atlantic she lived in Casey, Iowa and attended Adair-casey Schools school until 3rd grade.

Moving to Atlantic in third grade was the result of her parent’s divorce. It has affected Schildberg and her life in many ways. “We don’t go on family vacations, it’s all separate,” Schildberg said. It has also affected her relationship with her younger brother, Carter “We always watched our parents fight, so we fought,” Schilberg said about her parents and how it affected their brother and sister relationship. She still took the good from something that affected her in a pretty bad way. She said it has taught her what not to do in a relationship

One of her favorite memories with her family is traveling to different states with both her mom and dad. One time was when she went on a road trip with her brother and dad in semi going to Arkansas because her dad is a truck driver. “My dad is a truck driver, and we were going down to Arkansas to pick up some bottled water. On our way down, the air conditioning stopped working in the middle of the summer. We arrived hot and sweaty in Arkansas that night and tried to sleep in the hot truck, but it wasn’t going very well. I said, ‘try turning the air on one last time’, and it worked,” Schildberg said

Her biggest role model is her older sister Christine. “She’s been through the same things I have, and she manage to make the best of things. She is successful in her career, has a healthy family and a kind heart, but isn’t scared to tell someone how it is.”

Schildberg said, “being loved by the people that I love, being healthy, knowing how fortunate I am to have things other kids in the world may not have, seeing other people smile, getting good grades, my dog and family and friends are what make me happy.”

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Getting to Know the Class of 2017: Bailey Schildberg